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home theater projector buyer s guide - home theater projector buyer s guide overview buying a home theater projector can seem daunting at any given time there are many models to choose from each with its own unique benefits and downsides and each proclaiming itself to be the right one, home theater projector buyer s guide - home theater projector buyer s guide what is brightness how much illumination your eyes perceive on the screen depends on two factors 1 the light output of the projector and 2 the reflective properties of the screen, guide to home theater - home theaters have existed for nearly as long as televisions and films have graced television and movie theater screens however it has often seemed like hard working people have considered it as a luxury for someone else, optoma hd142x 1080p 3000 lumens 3d dlp home theater projector - the optoma hd142x is a dynamic and cost effective 1080p home theater projector packed with an array of features including 3000 lumens 1920 x 1080 fullhd resolution 1 1x zoom srgb support and 23 000 1 contrast ratio, 4k projector reviews best home theater 4k projector for sale - 4k projector description ratings and reviews 1 sony vplvw350es 4k home theater gaming projector get the clarity of sony s sxrd 4k movie theater technology in a brand new 4k ultra hd projector with greater than 4x 1080p resolution anamorphic 3d and hd to 4k upscaling, home theater wiring step by step guide to a successful - the nature and quality of your home theater wiring will not only determine the level of safety in your home theater room but equally important will have a noticeable impact on the video and sound quality of your system components, how to install a home theater projector and screen from - everything you need to know about mounting a projector and screen from placement to mounting to fine tuning the picture this guide will help you install your home theater like a pro, home theater speaker placement guide - correct home theater speaker placement is the key to a seamless enveloping surround sound field so important for an immersive home theater experience